Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2 Brushless High Torque 18V Li-ion Battery Power Tool

Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2 Brushless High Torque 18V Li-ion Battery Power Tool

Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2 Brushless High Torque 18V Li-ion Battery Power Tool

Maximize Your Efficiency with the Top-Rated Cordless Electric Wrench - Brushless Electric Impact Wrench Cordless Electric Wrench 1/2 inch Screwdriver Socket Power Tools. Unlock the Power of Efficiency. Enhance your toolkit with the versatile 18V Brushless Impact Wrench, which is essential for high-demand projects. This powerhouse tool, leveraging cutting-edge brushless motor technology, delivers exceptional performance and durability for all tasks. Motor: Brushless for superior efficiency and longevity.

No Load Speed: 0-6000 RPM for quick execution. Impact Frequency: Up to 6000 IPM for robust operation. Maximum Torque: Impressive 1000 N. Rated Torque: Steady 500 N.

Square Drive: Standard 1/2 inch (12.7mm) fits most sockets. Socket Size: 21mm, versatile for various bolts.

Battery: Each 4.0Ah for extended use. Gear Position: Includes Forward 3 gears & Reverse 2 gears, with a practical reverse auto-stop function. High Torque: Delivers 1000 N. Of force, equipped with a stepless speed change switch.

Durable Shaft: Tungsten steel shaft offers high hardness and wear resistance, ideal for demanding settings like construction sites and woodworking. Advanced Motor: The brushless motor ensures efficient performance without spark generation and minimal wear. Integrated LED Work Light: Illuminates work areas effectively for precision in dark conditions. Peak Efficiency: The brushless technology significantly enhances task completion rates, identified as the best brushless impact wrench available.

Long-Lasting Battery: Known for rapid charging capabilities, ideal for continuous work. Broad Applications: Perfect for automotive repairs to construction, affirmed by cordless wrench reviews.

Superior Durability: Designed for extended reliability and service life. Forceful Torque: Provides substantial power for driving and fastening challenges. Portable Design: Lightweight and cordless, enabling use in remote locations without power access. User-Friendly Design: Ergonomic handle reduces fatigue, making long jobs more comfortable.

Precise Control: Accurate fastening control helps prevent hardware damage. Safety Assured: Features such as electric brake and overload protection enhance operational safety. Cost-Effective: Lowers the need for frequent maintenance and reliance on more expensive equipment. Seize exclusive deals on our high-performance cordless tools.

Browse and compare various models to find the ideal match for your professional or personal needs. Minor measurement deviations may occur. Color variations might differ slightly based on monitor settings. Boost your productivity today with this dynamic and dependable electric impact wrench, a critical addition to any professional toolkit. Adapted to 18V Makita battery.

Not compatible with the DC18WA BL1813G BL1413G batteries. Suitable BL1830 BL1850 BL1840 BL1840B BL1850B. Battery Capacity Suggestion: 2.0AH - 5.0AH?

Compatible for 18V B series lithium battery, such as BL1850B (197285), BL1840B (19721-0), BL1830B (197602-1), BL1830B(197602-2), BL1430B(197618-7), BL1820B(197487-6);? Compatible for BL1850, BL1840, BL1440 (196391), BL1415 (194560-3), and BL1815N (196781); × NOT compatible for G Series battery such as BL1813G (196663-9) BL1413G (196882-7) BL1415G BL1430G BL1815G and so on × NOT compatible for 18-volt Ni-CD battery such as 1822 (194465-7).

Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2 Brushless High Torque 18V Li-ion Battery Power Tool